My Review of Cutting It: in the ATL Season Finale

1BlessedNatural: My Review of the Cutting It: in the ATL Season Finale (photo cred: WE tv)

Did last night's season finale of Cutting It: in the ATL not end like it was the Mushiya Show or nah? LaKenya has a party to celebrate the opening of her new salon, and the ladies act out.

The episode begins with LaKenya in her new salon suite. Maja and Beautii come over to check it out. Maja comes bearing gifts of bundles from her hair line .Beautii comes bearing her hate for the fact that LaKenya is starting off in a suite. Everyone has to start off somewhere. Be supportive and stop hating! Maja shares with the ladies that she is not feeling Dedra's cake move on the last episode. She also unveils her kinky/curly hair extensions and hairdo. She doesn't know what Mushiya is planning. LaKenya says she is throwing a party to celebrate her new journey, but she doesn't want to invite Mushiya, but Beautii is allowed to bring 1 person.

Next, Dedra and LaKenya go to the gym together. This time, LaKenya chastises her about sending Maja a cake with her mugshot on it. She tells her former boss that she needs to not let her emotions get the best of her, but Dedra says she doesn't care. She wants to help LaKenya plan her party but gets offended when she finds out that she has met with Beautii and Maja. After inviting Dedra to her party, LaKenya then tells her the rest of the ladies don't want her to come. I thought part of the reason why she left Dedra's salon was to get away from the messiness, but in this case, she is doing nothing but adding to it. Dedra doesn't know if she wants t go to the party because she feels LaKenya displays disloyalty by asking Beautii and Maja to help her with it. Super petty!

Back at Beautii's shop, she vows to pay back Dedra publicly for disrespecting Maja. She tells her sister she wants to help LaKenya, but only if Dedra is not present. Beautii thinks Dedra is a bully. Also, did you peep the woman getting Bantu knots? Cute!

Meanwhile, Dedra tells her client, Yolanda she feels LaKenya is turning on her. She feels the other women are using LaKenya to get back at her, and doesn't believe they really like her. Pause. I thought Yolanda's new haircut looked nice on her. Dedra decides she is going to go to LaKenya's party and possibly bring the drama. Oh brother.
Cutting It: in the ATL ladies (photo cred: WE tv)

 Moving along, Mushiya and her husband, Lou are on the set of her hair extensions music video, and Beautii walks in. Mushiya introduces the line to her and offers her a chance to become a partner. In her confessional, Beautii made the point that Mushiya called her out for being shady, but she is doing the same thing by copying Maja's business moves behind her back. When Beautii makes Mushiya aware LaKenya left Dedra's shop, Mushiya says she is happy for her and wants to mentor her. There's only 1 problem. Beautii Mushiya her to LaKenya's party as her "+1." Also, Mushiya lets us know she is not going to the party alone.

Next, Beautii and her whole salon crew yell and hold up picket signs outside of Dedra's salon. They want Dedra and her shop gone. Beautii even takes her shoes off and invites her to come out to fight, but Dedra takes the high road and stays in her salon. The funny part about that was I doubt whether Beautii really wanted to get into another fight. Also, the crew was out in the rain. She told them to put down their umbrellas, but she still had hers lol.

While LaKenya is preparing for her party, Dedra calls her to fill her in about the drama between her and Beautii. LaKenya asks her ifshe could put the drama aside and let her have her moment on her special night. Of course, Dedra gets offended and wants LaKenya to take back her invite from Beautii. LaKenya tells her she can't be bothered at the moment. LaKenya is trying to be a friend to Dedra, but I hope she sees that is not going to work. I think she thinks she can help Dedra, but in my opinion, only Jesus can help her situation, seriously.

Afterwards, Beautii picks up Maja and fills her in on her protest outside of Dedra's salon, andMaja is happy for Dedra's payback. Beautii is not feeling Maja's "natural" look. After Beautii tells her about Mushiya's having her own line of hair extensions, she says she is going to talk to her about it.

LaKenya at her new salon

Next, it's the night of LaKenya's party and Dedra is the first of the ladies to arrive. However, she leaves when she finds out Maja and Beautii are coming. This part reminds me of episode 5 when Dedra left the party, but there was still drama between the ladies. Although the dress code is black and white, Beautii is wearing a red dress and gives what is suppose to be a toast. LaKenya does her speech. All of a sudden, Mushiya shows up with a full entourage. Disrespectful.

It turns into the Mushiya Show instead of LaKenya's celebration. She is wearing red hair extensions from her line and telling everyone who will listen about her brand. I am not feeling her hair at all, and I am wishing there was chill button for her. The naturalista offers to make LaKenya an ambassador for her brand and gives her the hair as a gift. Mushiya tells LaKenya she is proud of her for stepping out on her own. Maja steps in and tells her she already gave LaKenya extensions. LaKenya makes Mushiya aware that she does not wish to work under anyone anymore. In her confessional she says she wishes Dedra was there to defend her.

After Maja pulls Mushiya aside for one of her famous "chats", Mushiya says she was going to tell Maja about her new line when she got ready. She also says she wanted to include all of the ladies in doing business with her. She said she thought there was room for her brand as far as Maja's because Maja offered primarily straight hair. After a bunch of talking over each other, Mushiya decides to leave the party, and I was glad. Beautii, Maja, and LaKenya talked about her hair. Maja says she is satisfied with LaKenya and Beautii on her team. I didn't like how Mushiya made the party all about herself. It's okay to be confident, but she's over the top with it. I'm wondering if that was the introduction to a spinoff show for her. Hmm. The episode ends with her giving her opinion of everyone. Next week is the reunion show. Also, I wonder if there will be a season 2. We'll have to wait and see!

What did you think of Mushiya's behavior at LaKenya's party?

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