Banded Twist-Out for Smoother Roots

1BlessedNatural - Banded Twist-Out for Smoother Roots

Happy Monday, my blessed naturals!
This weekend, I washed, deep conditioned, and put my hair in big twists for a twist-out. When I do twists for a twist-out, I usually pin curl them to get more definition. This time, I decided to use the banding method to elongate them and smooth my roots out a bit. I applied my usual products: Aunt Jackie's "Knot on My Watch" detangler , Cantu Creamy Hair Lotion, and 100% Coconut Oil to damp hair. Then, I let it dry overnight.

In the morning (for church), I unraveled the twists and used a wide-tooth comb to lift the roots and hide the parts. I liked my results, but I don't like my hair to stick straight out. Later on this week, I'm going to do the same method above, but I'm going to pin curl the banded twists. I will keep you all updated. Also, I want to remind you all to use my coupon code to get 50% off your eyeglasses and sunglasses!

1BlessedNatural: front of my banded twists

1BlessedNatural: back of my banded twists

1BlessedNatural: side of twist-out

Who else is wearing a twist-out today?

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