1BN Contributor: 4 Ways to Cutefy Your Nighttime Natural Hair Routine

1BN Contributor: 4 Ways to Cutefy Your Nighttime Natural Hair Routine

Kimberly J. Childs
It's time to go to sleep naturals. You've put your hair into 6 jumbo braids, reminiscent of your childhood. Problem is, you  have a grown husband/partner waiting on you when you get to bed! Now, we know he loves you, regardless. The issue is, you feel a little self conscious. Anyway, you curl those ends with multicolor perm rods and glance in the mirror…Good Lawd...Helllooooo Sista Pippi Longstocking!

If you feel self conscious in front of your boo, here are some tips to reclaim your cute at bedtime...

1.  Make Your Braids/Knots/Twists Into a Style

If you are prepping your hair for the best braid out ever, try to make your braids into a style. For example, if you usually put a bunch of braids in your hair, and just let them hang, why not twist them into a style for the night? If done right, it can eliminate the need for rollers too!  Here's a picture of me, braids just hanging down. For a cuter look for bed, I twisted them up.

2. Dump the Scarf, Sleep on a Satin Pillowcase

I know, it's blasphemous, asking you to dump the scarf! Yet, sleeping on a satin pillowcase is a great way to protect your hair at night, without having to worry about how your scarf looks to your partner. You can find satin pillow cases at most beauty supply stores, in tons of colors. Plus, you will eliminate the tension headaches you get from the double knot used to tie that scarf! You know, the knot that causes a headache til your lunch break. However, with no scarf, all of your bantu knots, cornrows, twists and turns are exposed. So if you are self conscious about your Celie from The Color Purple look, this option may not work for you:).

3. Keep the Scarf, But Know When it's Time to Let Go

If you use a scarf, just know when it is time to trash it! Here are the signs: If it doesn't tie like it used to, has stringy threads hanging, or gel stains, it is time to retire it!  Let's not give our hubbys/partners any more material to joke about our beloved scarves. (While writing this, I followed my own advice and did an audit of my own scarves..my favorite brown one didn’t survive, may she rest in paradise:). One more thing, have a few, different color scarves so they can at least match your pajamas!

4. Put it in a Bun
This is an easy and quick way to protect and stretch your hair at night, all while looking gorgeous! Just make sure it is not too tight. Your edges are precious and can be damaged by super tight buns and knots.

How do you maintain your fine at bedtime?

 Kimberly J. Childs is a freelance writer from Chicago who loves traveling, church activities, and natural hair. Please visit her website to check out more about her.

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