Dove Releases "Love Your Curls" Curly Hair Emoji Keyboard!

1BlessedNatural: Dove Releases "Love Your Curls" Curly Hair Emoji Keyboard  (photo cred: Dove)

Us natural haired girls can shout for joy because today, Dove (by Unilever) released a keyboard featuring curly hair emojis! It is apart of the company's #LoveYourCurls campaign that was started earlier this year. The new curly keyboard represents different shades and curls. Plus, it includes both static and animated emojis. I think the keyboard is too cool. It really adds to the inspiration of loving your natural hair."Love Your Curls" emjois are available for both Android and Iphone users. Dove collaborated with Twitter to celebrate the launch. As a result, you will receive an emoji when you tweet #LoveYourCurls.

One of the tweets that went out by Dove is this one:

 They are right! There's been so many different emoji's created, but most of them have straight hair. Guess what! My hair is not straight! LOL. Kudos, once again to Dove!

1BlessedNatural: I downloaded the Dove "Love Your Curls" emoji keyboard. Here is a picture of some of the emojis, but there were many more.

What do you think of the Dove "Love Your Curls" curly hair emoji keyboard?

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