1BlessedNatural Feature: Anisha

1BlessedNatural Feature: Anisha

Hey, my name is Anisha. I am a UK born and raised lady with Ugandan heritage. I am a wife, mother of 3 and psychology graduate who has a passion for God, Deaf studies and Sign Language, as well as Veganism.

1. What made you decide to go natural?
Initially, I was just fed up of going to the hairdressers, and waiting for ages just to get my scalp burnt. I literally ended up with burns after every relaxer. I just felt that it was time consuming and didn’t feel as though it was worth it. With 2 children at the time, I just didn’t feel like relaxed hair was for me, especially as my daughter had turned just 3 and was beginning to notice the difference in our hair. I felt as though it was important for me to embrace my hair, as it would impact her in the future. A year before going natural, I had stumbled upon LHCF where I saw so many beautiful ladies (both relaxed and natural), I incorporated many healthy practices in my hair regimen and my hair thrived growing to BSL (Bra Strap Length) before I big chopped. 

2. What were your friends and loved ones' reactions to your decision?

My husband loved it; he was my number 1 motivated and actually did my big chop for me. The next day, he took me to his barbers to get it neatened up and faded. My kids were too little to care, I think they just vibed off my excitement. I think my mum was in the most shock and lost for words because it was so spur of the moment; it wasn’t a planned big chop. The day before she had seen me with long relaxed hair and she came home to find me with a fade. I hadn’t told her, as I didn’t want her or anyone to talk me out of it. Most of my white colleagues loved it and complimented me, however my black colleagues were a little confused and asked whether I had cut my hair because it was damaged. They genuinely thought something had gone wrong. I think it was hard for them to grasp that I just wanted to embrace my natural hair.

3. What is your current hair routine?
Generally I wash my hair once a week (whether its in a protective style or not), otherwise my scalp gets really itchy. Most times I do a hot oil treatment before I shampoo. I shampoo using an all-natural shampoo bar. Sometimes I wash with my Apple cider vinegar. I do not use a rinse out conditioner as my shampoo is really moisturising, however the apple cider vinegar does a good job of leaving my hair moisturized. I dry my hair using a t-shirt and apply a leave in conditioner and then seal in the moisture with my homemade Shea Butter mix. I protective style 99% of the time and moisturize my hair every 2-3 days depending on the weather and the style that I am wearing. I deep condition once a month and do a light protein treatment every 3-6 months.

Anisha's bun with braided headband

4. What is your favorite hairstyle?
My favorite hairstyle is two strand twists. I love my loose twists because they are a protective style, which last me up to 6 weeks. It allows me to leave my hair alone. Also, they can be manipulated into any style without worrying about knots and tangling.

5. What are your 3 favorite hair products?

That’s easy :-) My moisturising shampoo bar, Giovanni Direct Leave in and my homemade Shea Butter mix.

6. What is the most important thing that you have learned about going natural?

There is no one rule fits all with natural hair – you have to experiment within reason to see what works best for your hair. During my natural hair journey, I have come across a lot of naturals who will tell you what you should and shouldn’t do, I would say that the natural hair community is a wonderful resource BUT all its important to remember that it is YOUR natural hair journey.

Anisha's twist-out

7. What advice do you have for someone who is thinking about going natural? I would say, “go for it!” It’s one of the best decisions that I ever made and I hope you will feel the same. Natural hair is not easy breezy but it certainly is what God gave you so why not embrace it. Our hair is beautiful, whether its kinks or Curls- its all beautiful.

Say cheese! Another pic of Anisha's twist-out

8. Where can we find you online?

You can find me on my YouTube channel – naturallyinspired11

I try to put out videos as often as I can and I also accept requests. I am also available for business inquiries at naturallyinspired@gmail.com .

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