1BlessedNatural Spotlight: Evangelist Ima Gail

1BlessedNatural Spotlight: Evangelist Ima Gail
When we talk about our natural hair journey, it is always important to understand that it is not a linear experience. You natural hair journey may consist of twists and turns as you struggle to find out what will and will not work for your hair. Like myself, you may also experience breakage and have to cut your hair. It is important to give yourself time to learn what works for you. One person who knows about that all too well is Evangelist Ima Gail Dunbar-Thomas.

In March of 2015, Evangelist Ima contacted me to find how to take care of her natural hair. Right before then, she discontinued the use of dyes because they were drying her hair out and causing it to break. Her soft curls were in a TWA style that she kept in puff. That was her favorite style because her hair wouldn't hold any other one.

On the flip side, Evangelist Ima Gail's natural hair never really got tangled. Sometimes that can happen when you have a really short hairstyle and/or no curl pattern. She was tired of going to the salon to get rod sets that didn't last on here hair. After going over some natural hair basics including moisturizing, low manipulation styling, trimming, etc, Ima went off to find a natural hair regimen that worked for her.

When I checked up on her in October 2015, Evangelist Ima said she'd gotten a haircut back in January and was interested in doing protective styling with crochet braids. Two days ago, she made me aware that she is now rocking a salt and pepper haircut, and she loves it! Evangelist Ima's natural hair journey teaches us to love the process!

More About Evangelist Ima Gail Dunbar-Thomas

Evangelist Ima Gail Dunbar-Thomas is an ordained minister at the Greater Mount Carmel Missionary Baptist Church in Vidalia, LA. In addition to preaching at different places when asked by her pastor, Raymond Todd Riley Sr., Evangelist Ima Gail works with the Women in Christ (women's ministry). She also teaches the youth on Wednesday nights. Go Evangelist Ima Gail!

1BlessedNatural: Ima Gail's natural hair back in March 2015.
Evangelist Ima Gail's natural hair in December 2015

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