Stylist Refuses to Relax Little Girl's Natural Hair, but Wait Until You Read Why!

Stylist Refuses to Relax Little Girl's Natural Hair, but Wait Until You Hear Why! - Norma's before and after photos (photo cred: Marchel Caldwell)

Spring, TX - When a 12-year-old girl named Norma and her mom stated during a consultation with the owner of Studio 9 salon, Marchel Caldwell that they wanted Norma's hair relaxed, the stylist refused to do it. The problem was Norma did not like her thick natural hair. Another alternative would have been to do a Brazilian Blowout --a process that would've involved applying a product to the hair and blow drying it straight. The blowout was not an option because the little girl's mom feared it would exacerbate her asthma. Caldwell made the mother and daughter aware that flat ironing was another option, but the two left disappointed. However, the story didn't end there!

The reason why Marchel Caldwell turned down Norma and her mother's request to relax her hair was because of her own daughter, Gabriella, who is 21 months old. Caldwell, who wears locs said she didn't care about the money; she cared about practicing what she preaches. She explained by saying, "I can't honestly teach my daughter to embrace her curly hair, but I'm out here relaxing other little girls' curly hair..." The stylist also has a 3-year-old son named Ayden.

Norma did allow Caldwell to flat iron her hair, and the stylist shared on Facebook that the little girl was pleased with her results. She said, "She is so shy and quiet and would barely hold a conversation with me, but that faint 'thank you so much' at the end of her appointment just made my day."

Owner, Master Stylist, Brazilian Blowout Expert and Colorist at Studio9, Marchel Caldwell 
 When asked how she teaches Gabriella to love her natural hair, Marchel Caldwell said she always compliments her daughter on her hair. Gabriella's hair is done twice a week while she is looking in the mirror so that she can see the beauty in it. The stylist continued by saying, "When I'm done, she runs to her daddy for approval and points to her hair and says, 'Look daddy, it's nice!' Caldwell believes that her husband's positive view of natural hair and compliments to Gabriella teacher her to love her natural hair early, as well as see her beauty.

Kudos to the Caldwell family!

What do you think of Marchel Caldwell's decision not to relax Norma's hair?

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