1BlessedNatural Spotlight: Skai Jackson's Natural Hair

1BlessedNatural Spotlight: Skai Jackson (photo cred: Instagram)

Skai Jackson plays the cute and sassy character Zuri Ross on the Disney Channel show Jessie and Bunk'd. Along with being a talented actress, she is also a natural hair inspiration. Jackson rocks pretty twist-outs and other natural hair styles on the shows. My niece, Big Sister Natural is inspired by the 13-year old's styles. Too cute! The Bunk'd star has been sharing her natural hair journey on Instagram.

In my interview with Ella Joyce, she brought up the fact that a lot of stylists in Hollywood don't know how to style natural hair. Plus, you might know the frequent styling can take a toll on your hair. 

Last year, Skai Jackson revealed on her Instagram account that her hair had been damaged. She said, "After so many years of styling and putting stress on m hair, my hair needs a styling break." The young actress visited a salon to get it washed, conditioned, and trimmed. It's nice to see that her hair is back to being healthy again! Kudos to her stylists!

Skai Jackson's Instagram post about her hair

A photo posted by Skai ♛ (@skaijackson) on

Skai Jackson (photo cred: Instagram)

Skai Jackson rocking a bun (photo cred: Instagram)

What do you think of Skai's Jackson wearing natural hairstyles on the shows?

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