1BN Kids: Broken Bones, Surgery, and Hair Loss


1BN Kids: Broken Bones, Surgery, and Hair Loss -Photo credit: Denise P.S. via Visualhunt / CC BY-ND

Happy Wednesday, my blessed naturals!
I wanted to talk to you all about broken bones, surgery, and hair loss. About 3 months ago, Little Sister Natural fell and broke her arm. As a result, she had to get surgery and wear a cast for about 6 weeks. Recently, we noticed that her hair broke off, especially around the edges. Plus it would get frizzy after a short time. If you’ve been following LSN’s hair journey, then you know that her hair doesn’t  frizz up easily. She also has some bald patches in the middle of her hair. I figured all of her body’s nutrients were going to the healing of her arm, but it’s much more than that. So, I wanted to share with you what I found after doing some research.

Little Sister Natural is experiencing a condition called telogen effluvium due to her broken arm and surgery. Our hair goes through growth and resting phases.Telogen refers to the phase of our hair when it is resting. Many of you have read on this site...My hair sheds so much my grandmother used to say I should’ve been bald. The reason why I haven't noticed any changes in the amount of hair on my head is because normally, the majority of our hair follicles are growing. According to WebMd, only about 10-20% of the follicles are in the resting phase.

When there is trauma or shock to your body, telogen effluvium can develop causing temporary hair loss, and this is what happened to Little Sister Natural. During that time, 70% of the hair can fall out at the same time. According to the American Osteopathic College of Dermatology, other causes of the condition can include stress, sickness, diets, childbirth, medication, thyroid conditions and more. This is why women may experience hair loss after having a baby. WebMD addressed this when they said, “Called postpartum alopecia, the sudden change in the hormone levels at birth is such a shock to the hair follicles that they shut down for awhile.” However, this is only temporary.

As far as treatment goes, most cases of telogen effluvium are resolved on their own when the hair starts to grow back. In certain cases, medical tests can be used to identify the reason for the condition. Hair growth medications may also be used to treat the condition. Little Sister Natural’s mom and dad have been working on improving her diet with more vitamins and nutrients. I will keep you all updated! 
Have you or someone you know experienced hair loss after surgery and/or broken bones?

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