Coiled Edges: Rubber Band Cornrow Twist and Puff Style with Flower Clip

1BlessedNatural - Coiled Edges: Rubber Band Cornrow Twists and Puff Style with Flower Clip

Happy Memorial Day, my blessed naturals!
Thank you to all of you who have served in the armed forces. Yesterday, I had to find a natural style fast! My hair was in bands from the night before. I side-parted my hair, left out my edges, and created 4 curvy cornrow twists from my hairline going back towards my crown area, and 2 going straight down on the side . They were secured with rubber bands, and my edges were finger coiled again. I added a flower clip for decoration.

If you’re going to try this style, I would suggest not making your rubber bands too tight. After my hair was cornrowed, I put the bands about one inch from my scalp before twisting each section.

1BlessedNatural: right side of rubber band twist and puff style with flower clip

1BlessedNatural: left side

What style are you rocking this Memorial Day?

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