New Go-To Natural Hairstyle: Two French Braids Half-Up

New Go-To Natural Hairstyle: French Braids Half-Up
Hey, my blessed naturals,
Friday, I took out my rubber band twist and cornrow style, but I kept the finger coils in. Then, I did a horizontal part in the middle of my hair, French braided both sides, and banana clipped the braids in the middle. The bottom section was left hanging and voila! That’s my new go-to style lol.

My hair’s been long overdue for a protein treatment, so I did one Sunday. That was after my normal routine of doing an ACV rinse, washing, and deep conditioning my hair. Sometimes, I completely forget about doing protein treatments until I notice that my hair is getting brittle and dry quickly. It’s like the light bulb finally goes on lol. 

What is your go-to natural hairstyle?

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