My Review of Season 2/Episode 2 of Cutting It in the ATL

1BlessedNatural: My Review of Season 2/Episode 2 of Cutting It In the ATL (photo cred: We tv)

Hey, my blessed naturals!
Last night, Season 2/Episode 2 (The New Sheriff in Town) of Cutting It in the ATL played out on WE tv. After last week's episode of pettiness, I was unsure if I was going to continue to watch the show. This week, things got a little better as far as the business aspect is concerned, but there was still some drama of course! It was a definite déjà vu from last season.

1BN's Thoughts: Messy!

The episode starts off with Dedra going to meet Jazzy McBee's at a radio station and giving her a fake apology for bringing the drama to her hair show on the last episode. Then, she goes on air and calls Maja a fraud and says she stole Patricia's idea of the $50.00 weaves. Jazzy was not feeling her by this point. It just so happens that Beautii is listening to the show, and then calls Maja up to give her the tea.

Next, Mushiya reveals to her husband that she is going to go into business with LaKenya, but she says she's not going to be involved in the drama. We all know something's going to go down though!

Back at Dedra's shop, she tells Patricia that she went on the radio because she didn't think she would handle Maja the way they wanted her to... What kind of statement is that? You can tell Dedra has an agenda. I don't even know why Pat entertains her, but I guess there wouldn't be a show. Moving along... Pat says she has everything under control, leaving Dedra to wonder what she has planned for Maja.

1BN's Thoughts: Scripted???

By this point in the show, I'm getting the "scripted" vibe, but let's assume this is all real! Why are these women fighting? #Teamtoopetty. They should be working together instead of fighting. Okay, rant over! Let me get back to this recap...

When Mushiya decorates LaKenya's salon with promotional materials for her brand, LaKenya expresses concern about what Maja is going to think about her carrying Mushiya's line of kinky hair extensions. It is just like last season... LaKenya is in the middle of the drama between the ladies.

Beautii meets Maja at a bar to do a health check on Maja's business a.k.a. Beautii's $10,000 investment. Also, she asks Maja to invest in her mobile salon business for college students. I thought that was a great idea, but she didn't have any numbers for Maja. She asks her to invest $60,000 in her business but didn't actually calculate how much money would be coming in and going out. Come on, Beautii!

1BN's Thoughts: You Better Go Ahead and Train LaKenya! LOL

The next scene with Mushiya and LaKenya is very interesting. Mushiya starts training LaKenya on natural hair and incorporating her kinky hair extensions. When she asks LaKenya what would she do to a client's natural hair before trimming it, she says blow dry it. Mushiya makes a good point, when she asks why would you do something that is unhealthy to the hair only to follow up with something good for the hair. Well said! By this time, LaKenya has drunk the Kool-Aid and is loving Mushiya and the new style she gave her.

Dedra fills Tre Stylez in on Pat's visit to her salon. Both of them wonder what Pat has up her sleeve to take Maja down.

Beautii introduces the idea of the mobile salon to her stylists. Maja's tells one of her stylists, Rocky and personal assistant, Angie about the radio station drama and LaKenya's "disloyal" behavior. She also finally decides to do some damage control. Poor Maja! I was wondering when she was going to address the problems.

1BN's Thoughts: ...But How Much Is It Going to Cost, Beautiii?

Poor LaKenya!

Beautii thinks that her big turnout at the soft launch of her mobile salon business is enough to make Maja want to invest in it. However, she still lacks the figures and is not convincing about how Maja will get a return on her investment.

When Maja spots LaKenya at the soft launch rocking Mushiya's extensions, she is not pleased. LaKenya's explanation about one of her client's walking out of the door because she didn't offer kinky extensions, didn't do the trick. Both Maja and Beautii agreed that Mushiya probably sent the woman to LaKenya's shop to set her up. Good point! Maja fires LaKenya from her job as an ambassador. I really like the fact that she let LaKenya know (from a business standpoint) that she is going to lose money with her new business venture because of the inventory costs.

The episode ends with an argument between Pat and Maja at one of Maja's businesses. Pat was not happy with Maja's response that she didn't know about Pat's claims about her being the original creator of the $50.00 weaves. At this point, I was wondering why the producers can't keep it 100 with us. You can't tell me Pat didn't watch or hear about the show last season (side eye). I had to remind myself... This is "reality" TV, lol.

Next week, Mushiya is going to interrupt Maja's parade! Cutting It in the ATL airs on Thursdays at 10/9C on We tv!

 What did you think of this week's episode of Cutting It in the ATL?

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