6 More Artists Who Represented Natural Hair in the #StyleChallenge

1BlessedNatural: 6 More Artists Who Represented Natural Hair in the #StyleChallenge! (photo cred: beautifulness87/Instagram)

Hey, my blessed naturals!
So, I promised you all that I would do a part 2 to the "6 Artists Who Represented Natural Hair in the #StyleChallenge" article. For those of you who are not aware of the challenge, the #stylechallenge is a drawing challenge that was started by 17-year-old @beautifulness87 on Instagram. Artists draw themselves or celebrities as popular cartoon characters. Many of them drew pictures that included natural hair and/or textured hairstyles, and I wanted to highlight them. Here are 6 more artists:

1. @plekien

1BlessedNatural: #style challenge (photo cred: @plekien/Instagram)

2. @vicky_tunes

1BlessedNatural: #stylechallenge (photo cred: @vicky_tunes/Instagram)https://www.instagram.com/vicky_tunes/


1BlessedNatural: #stylechallenge (@kingspiff/Instagram)


4. @5thdimensionarts

1BlessedNatural: #stylechallenge (@5thdimenstionarts/Instagram)


1BlessedNatural: #stylechallenge (photo cred:@sav_drawings/Instagram)



1BlessedNatural: #stylechallenge (photo cred: @justing_richburg/Instagram)




1BlessedNatural: #stylechallenge (photo cred: walking_contradixion/Instagram)

I'm going to say this again...There are so many more great #stylechallenge drawings that contain natural hair and in general. Since my last post @beautifulness87 has set up an Instagram page that is dedicated to the #stylechallenge, so you can check them out!

Who were your favorite artists that represented natural hair in the #style challenge?

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