My Review of Season 2/Episode 4 of Cutting It in the ATL

My Review of Season 2/Episode 4 of Cutting It in the ATL

Hey, my blessed naturals,
This week of Season 2/Episode 4 "Rest in Weaves" of Cutting It in the ATL had me ready to change the channel. Let me just start off by saying this: This will be my LAST time reviewing the show. I am not happy with the fact that the it is centered around Black business women who are non-supportive of each other and steadily stab each other in the back. I don't know about you all, but I felt drained after watching it this wee!. If I didn't have to do this review, I would've just stopped watching it.

1BN's Thoughts: Beautii, why are you taking it personally?

Beautii feels slighted when Maja tells her she will not invest in her mobile salon and vows to get back at her. Maja and Mushiya get into an argument at Mushiya's shop when Maja tells her that she thinks her behavior at the parade was unacceptable. Both of them are acting like children and claiming the other IS not their "mother" and couldn't tell them what to do.

Next, hair stylist, Stephen Webster tells Maja he wants to hold a luncheon in her honor, and she's amped about it!  When he asks her about the controversy around her shops closing down, she tells him the issues with Dedra's radio announcement is just due to her being a hater.

Maja calls Beautii to see if she is upset about her declining her offer and invites her to the luncheon. Beautii gets jealous and meets with Stephen to find out why Maja was chosen to be honored. Right there, I was shaking my head. When Beautii goes to meet with Stephen, she agrees that Maja's deserves the award  a.k.a. #phony. After seeing Dedra and Pat's name on the guest list, Beautii decides that not mentioning it will be her way to get back at Maja.

1BN's Thoughts: Here we go again...

Dedra and Tre' Stylez get together and waste precious time being messy. This seems to be an every week thing.

Maja and LaKenya meet at a cafe, and LaKenya says she wants to be #teamMaja again. However, Maja says she has to prove herself. Meanwhile, Mushiya gets an invitation to attend the luncheon for Maja and has to decide between it and family time. Btw, her kids are too cute! I'm loving her daughters' Afros! I think scenes like these are trial runs for Mushiya's own show, lol. What do you think?

Pat and Dedra have their bonding session while getting pedicures. Both of the ladies received their invitations to Maja's luncheon. Pat says she is planning a fake funeral for Maja and her brand. At this point, I'm thinking that all these people are doing is A: being petty and B: promoting Maja's business. They go so hard trying to bring her down like they are really threatened by her. It's very sad.

When Beautii and LaKenya meet up, LaKenya expresses her desire to want to be #teamMaja again. She says she values her as a friend and mentor. Beautii is shocked and gets jealous when LaKenya says she wants to do a speech to honor her former mentor at her luncheon. By this time, I'm getting sleepy lol. 

In the next scene, we see Maja's old "gusband" Dawaun from last season. Maja fills him in on the plans for the luncheon. Plus, Pat picks up Dedra in a hearse lol. She also has programs to go along with this. The whole situation reminded me of last season when Dedra got the cake with Maja's mugshot on it. Terrible.

1BN'S Thoughts: ???

Maja and Beautii are the first ones (out of the ladies) at the luncheon. Shortly after LaKenya walks in, Beautii has second thoughts about not telling Maja that her two haters are coming. Maja is very touched by LaKenya's speech about her accomplishments, but the moment is quickly ruined when Dedra and Pat come come in. I must say.... it was very draining to watch! Dedra keeps interrupting Maja's speech by coughing.

Pat hands out fake obituaries with Maja's picture. Her and Dedra yell to the crowd that Maja is a fraud. Dedra claims Pat is the originator of the $50.00 weave idea, blah, blah, blah. The thing that I found ironic was when the name of Pat's salon pops up on the screen, and it says, "Touched By An Angel Salon." Uh, ok! LOL! The situation is a mess, and security comes to escort the two troublemakers out. 

At some point, Beautii steps in to tell Dedra and Pat to stop, but it's too late. None of those women are friends to each other. They all stab each other in the back when they get an opportunity. It is such a sad thing to see grown women act like children. We can do better than that!

What do you think of last week's episode of Cutting It: in the ATL? Plus, what other shows would you like to see me review next?

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