Product Review of the FabCurls Curly Jam

Hey, my blessed naturals!
FabCurls sent me a sample size of their Curly Jam to review. So, I wanted to share my thoughts of it with you all. This weekend, I used the product to do some finger coils.

Product: FabCurls Curly Jam

Size: Sample - Regular prize of a 12.0z container is $14.00.

Ingredients: Shea Butter, Argan Oil, Olive Oil and more (according to the website)

Claims: FabCurls Curly Jam is  made of good ingredients that won't leave our hair crunchy... 

Consistency/Color: light-weight yellow gel

Fragrance: light pleasant scent

My Review

1BlessedNatural: My finger coils using the FabCurls Curly Jam
I wasn't sure if the FabCurls sample size would be enough for me to do finger coils on my entire head, but it was... I used a little more than half the jar. I used no more than a finger full of gel for each coil. I probably have just enough of the gel to do my hair once more.

One thing I noticed about the FabCurls Curly Jam was that it dried quickly compared to the gels I've tried in the past. In all, I'm happy with my results. The claims are true; my hair is not crunchy. Plus my twists were elongated, and they have a soft conditioned hold. 

1BlessedNatural: This was how much of the FabCurls CurlyJam I had left after doing my finger coils.

Grade: A

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