1BlessedNatural Feature: Donna Murry

1BlessedNatural Feature: Donna Murray

Donna Murray is a lovely natural who lives in Mississippi and works as a technician. Ms. Murry decided to go natural because relaxers only made her psoriasis worse.  After transitioning for 1 year, she cut off her permed hair and hasn't looked back!

One of the first things I noticed about Donna's hair was the top of it was a honey blonde color. The 37-year-old said she hasn't had any problems with breakage or damage due to coloring, because she keeps her hair moisturized with leave-in conditioner. "That's the only difference is you've got to keep it moisturized, but you have to do that anyway [with natural hair]."

When I asked Donna Murry what her family and friends thought about her decision to go natural, she said her mother didn't like it in the beginning. "She was like why did I mess up my hair, and my friend guy wanted me to keep perming it", she said.

Ms. Murry loves shea butter because it makes her curls look shiny. Her hair is washed and conditioned every week. Afterwards, she usually applies a leave in conditioner, water, and Eco Styler gel.

Donna Murry's advice for anyone who is thinking about going natural is this: It's not as hard as it looks.

Go ahead, Ms. Murry!

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