6 Red Flags Your Stylist Might Not Know How to Do Natural Hair

1BlessedNatural: 6 Red Flags Your Stylist Might Not Known How to Do Natural Hair (photo cred: @henrimeilhac)

You've finally decided to visit a stylist to maintain your natural hair. The only thing is, you're not quite sure if they know how to handle it. Maybe one of your friends recommended their stylist, and you went along with it. Knowing the signs of a stylist who doesn't know how to handle natural hair can save you time, money, and heartache. Here are 6 red flags that your stylist might not know how to do natural hair:

1. They comb your hair harshly! 

If you sit in your stylist's chair and they start combing your hair wildly, then it's time to head for the door. Natural hair should be handled with care. Apply a product (water included) and detangle from the tips to the roots. Combing and detangling natural hair the proper way is one of the basics of natural hair care, and your stylist should know better. So, if you find that they don't have the patience or knowledge to comb it the right way, it's time to go.

2. They try to talk you into getting a perm.

Before sitting in your stylist's chair, it should be made clear you want to remain natural. If your stylist keeps trying to talk you into getting a perm, then they might not be comfortable doing natural hair. Next!

3. They skip the deep conditioner every time. 

I have never been to a stylist (while natural or relaxed) who hasn't deep conditioned my hair. Deep conditioning is important, because it allow the moisture to get deep into your strands. If you go to a stylist, and they never deep condition your natural hair, it's time to bounce!

4. They never know if your ends need to be clipped or not.

There is a myth that exists about natural hair, and it states your ends don't need to be clipped. The ends of your natural hair can become weathered and damaged. Good stylists know how to examine your ends to determine if they need to be clipped or not.

5. All the styles they do require your natural hair to be straightened.

If your stylist reaches for the flat iron every time your visit them, that's a big sign they don't know how to handle natural hair. Exceptions to this rule would be press and curl salons because that is what they do.

6. They do your hair to style it and not to keep it healthy.

I've seen stylists whose main focus was only on styling the hair. This means, they would do anything to your hair to make it look pretty, but their focus was not on healthy hair practices.

Have you decided to visit a stylist to maintain your natural hair?
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