Amber Riley Shows Off Her Curly TWA

1BlessedNatural: Amber Riley Shows Off Her Curly TWA. Back in May 2017 (photo cred: Instagram)

Amber Riley is slaying the natural hair game with her TWA! Today, she shared an Instagram photo  of her hair parted on the side with finger coils. The hair was short on one side of the part and longer on the other side, top, and back. The style was done by stylist Naaman Goodhall.

In May of this year, Riley did a Big Chop. Since then, she's shared photos of her natural hair's progress. She is currently playing the lead role as Effie White in Dreamgirls at the West End in London.  Amber girl, we're loving your hair!

Amber Riley's coils (photo cred: Instagram)

Amber Riley at the Hollywood Walk of Fame (photo cred: Instagram)

What do you think about Amber's new do?
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