Why Issa Rae Becoming a COVERGIRL is SO Important!

1BlessedNatural: Why Issa Rae Becoming a CoverGirl is SO Important? (photo cred:Facebook)
Yesterday, Issa Rae announced that she was a COVERGIRL, and when I found out, the little natural haired chocolate girl in me shouted for joy! The Insecure creator wrote a heartwarming message on Instagram. She said this:

I remember being an awkward black girl in high school, reading the pages of my favorite magazines, casually flipping through @COVERGIRL ads, singing their slogan in my head. Never EVER in my life did I imagine I'd be one. I'm SO honored and SO excited for what's to come..."
COVERGIRL'S response was this: "YES, you better believe it beautiful, the secret is finally out and we couldn't be happier! YOU ARE EVERYTHING, and we are so honored to welcome you to the #COVERGIRL family."

Issa Rae (photo cred: Facebook/CoverGirl)
Issa Rae's experience growing up echoes that of millions of Black girls around the world. For a long time, dark skin was not considered beautiful, and the hashtag "melanin" did not exist. The producer/writer/actress' face as a COVERGIRL represents a change in the commonly held standards of beauty that only includes European features.

Young Black girls can now see people like Janelle Monae and Issa Rae with natural hair and dark skin be COVERGIRLS. Mainstream media is catching on, and I'm glad! Congratulations Issa Rae! We're proud of you, girl!

What do you think of Issa Rae becoming a COVERGIRL?

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