Natural Hair Night Routine and Other Things

cornrows and puff
1BlessedNatural: Natural Hair Night Routine and Other Things

Hey, my blessed naturals!
Last weekend, I did a protein treatment on my hair, but I didn't realize how much I really needed it! My hair sprung back to life afterward! I've been keeping it stretched for the most part to avoid those tangles.

I want to do a twist-out, but I don't think I have twist-out strength! LOL. We'll see!  After wearing my hair in a puff for a few days, I like to do styles like twist-outs that allow my hair to curl.  I do this to avoid putting too much stress on my hair and scalp by keeping it stretched in a puff. Plus, twist-outs are GREAT! LOL

I can usually tell when I've gone into lazy mode for too long and pushed my puff passed its limit because it will start to look frizzy even shortly after being redone.

The more I type this blog post, the more I know I'm not going to twist my hair tonight, so I will probably put my hair in some banana clips after moisturizing and sealing it. I'll two-strand twist the hair that sticks out of the banana comb. [BREAK]This is how my hair looks using my banana comb method:

1BlessedNatural: My natural hair tonight after doing my banana clip method

natural hair, afro and cornrows
1BlessedNatural: This picture was taken yesterday.

If you do this method, be careful not to close your hair in the sides. Keep your hair in the middle of the clip. Hopefully, tomorrow I will remember to take a picture of my results and post them! 

What is your natural hair night time routine? 

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