Syleena Johnson is Documenting Her Natural Hair Journey on Social Media!

Syleena Johnson is Documenting Her Natural Hair Journey on Social Media! (photo cred: Instagram/Syleena Johnson)

Grammy-nominated singer and co-host of TVOne's show Sister Circle Syleena Johnson is rocking her natural hair and sharing her journey on social media!

Johnson has been natural for 3 years. The 41-year-old singer has an Instagram account @_shenatural, dedicated to just natural hair. Not only does the account include her natural hair journey but it also includes tips, naturals in her family, tutorials, inspirational quotes and more. One of Johnson's signature styles includes her blonde curly faux hawk.

Syleena Johnson with tree braids (photo cred: Instagram/Syleena Johnson)

She recently showcased a set of tree braids that took her stylist only 3 hours to complete. Tree braids are similar to crochet braids. You cornrow the hair like you're going to do straight backs, but you leave hair out along the way.

Last year, Syleena Johnson released her 10th album called Rebirth of Soul. She's also documented her weight loss journey on social media and blogs. In 2016, Johnson revealed she'd lost more than 50 pounds.

Syleena, we love the fact that you're sharing your natural hair journey with us! Your hair is beautiful!

Syleena Johnson's big curls (photo cred: Instagram/Syleena Johnson)
What natural hairstyle would you like to see Syleena Johnson rock next?

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