In a Weird Place with My Natural Hair...Frustrated

mini twists, protective style
1BlessedNatural: In a Weird Place with My Natural Hair...Frustrated
Hey, my blessed naturals,
Lately, I've in such a weird place with my natural hair. I've been natural since 2011 and transitioning before that, but this is the first time I've become super frustrated with it. I've had moments of frustration through the years but this time it's much different. 

If you've read some of my previous posts, then you know I spent a lot of the summer in protective styles and caring for my hair in between. What I didn't realize was how fast my hair was losing protein due to the frequent washing because of the... YOU GUESSED IT! seborrheic dermatitis! By the time I started doing co-washes again to keep my hair moisturized, I was already experiencing moisture overload

A few weeks ago, I did 2 protein treatments a week apart and saw a big improvement in my hair. Last week, I put my hair in mini twists for the first time in months and noticed that my ends were so raggedy and see-through. I was BEYOND UPSET! Plus, I'd just clipped my ends not too long ago. In previous years, I used to do mini twists about every 4 months to be sure my ends were healthy, but it's been almost a year since I last did them! So, I've been slipping!

1BlessedNatural: This was my hair back in May 2018. I was clipping the end of the twists. 

Let me just sum it all up! I've decided to give my hair a serious rest from styling. This includes twists and twist-outs. Lately, I've just been keeping it simple and going with the flow of my hair. I moisturize and seal it in the morning and at night. At night, I put a banana clip in my hair. In the morning, I fluff, maybe add a headband and go! 

I wanted to share my experience for my fellow naturals who may be feeling the same way I've felt. It is not always perfect like you see on social media. You might feel like you can't find a natural style that works for you, or your hair is not acting the way you want it to, and I've been AT THAT POINT too! Leave your hair alone, give it some time, and you'll get over your frustration (smile). It all comes with learning to love and accept your natural hair! 

Have you ever been frustrated with your natural hair? If so, tell me about your experience!