Black Teen on Dr. Phil Show is Diagnosed with Self-Hatred

1BlessedNatural: Black Teen on Dr. Phil Show is Diagnosed with Self-Hatred
Story Update: Days after I covered this story, Treasure's sister NinaKimberly posted several IG stories stating that the story was "100% false." She also talked about alleged abuse in her family. Prayers for their entire family! 

Hey, my blessed naturals,
I had to talk about the 16-year-old Black girl named Treasure who recently appeared on an episode of the Dr. Phil show because she hated Black people i.e. herself. During the introduction of Treasure, she said, "I'm white because everything about me is different from a African-American." Then she went on to say that she didn't have features of Black people such as "nappy" hair, big nose and lips. Girl, by that time I was ready to close the video!

You could tell that little girl believed with every fiber of her being that she was a white girl. She was like a walking billboard that spoke every negative stereotype about Black people and I kept watching because I knew it came from somewhere. Later in the show, Treasure's mom admitted that she raised her daughter and son to think that her late husband, who was a white man was their father. After she told Treasure the truth, she didn't believe her.

Listen, I'm no psychologist but this definitely goes deeper than that. While Treasure thought that she was a biracial child, where did she get the attitude that all Black people are monkeys and all of the garbage she had to say? It was almost like she was only a spectator watching the Black experience and life in general through a twisted lens. She admitted the only way she could feel good about herself was to put everyone else down. The girl also lacks empathy and it's sad to watch. She's going to need a whole lot more therapy and prayer sessions!

Dr. Phil introduced Treasure to a successful Black woman who was a life coach named Spirit, and she tried to help the 16-year-old but you know she wasn't trying to hear it. Check out the videos below and let me know what you think!