Breaking Down the Beef Between Tamar Braxton and Kandi Burruss

1BlessedNatural: Breaking Down the Beef Between Tamar Braxton and Kandi Burruss
Story Updated! Do you know the difference between relevancy and success? Well, that topic fueled the argument between Tamar Braxton (Braxton Family Values) and Kandi Burruss ( The Real Housewives of Atlanta) on CBS' Celebrity Big Brother this week. Both Braxton and Burruss acknowledged in the first episode that they had past beef. I watched the dispute for myself to break down what happened.

Tamar asked about Kandi cooking after work and she inferred that she didn't have time because she was always getting invited to events. She said, "Everybody always wants you to show up for something." Kandi continued by saying that she asked her friends why they always wanted her to attend their events and Tamar replied, "Because you're relevant."

The conversation continued with Tamar trying to explain to Kandi the difference between relevancy and success, and that is where things started to go left! Kandi's argument was that there were a lot of successful people in Atlanta and Tamar said she was not talking about success. Tamar used Married to Medicine's Dr. Jackie Walters as an example of someone who had been doing reality TV shows but is more relevant now. Kandi explained that there are more successful reality TV shows in ATL that are doing well. Again, Tamar tried to explain that a successful TV show doesn't mean that all participants are relevant.

The examples flew back and forth. Kandi said the T.I. & Tiny: Friends and Family Hustle was a relevant show. Tamar said no, it was Tiny who was relevant and then Kandi stated that people pay attention to co-stars singer Monica and Toya. Tamar started to get aggravated because she thought that Kandi was trying to be messy by mentioning her friends. She didn't want it to be perceived as her speaking negative about people.

My 2 Cents 

I think that both Tamar and Kandi didn't want to be perceived as talking bad about the other ladies or like they thought they were better. Tamar also feared that she was being made to look messy. She even said, "You're trying your best to make me look shady." However, I think Kandi really didn't understand the difference between success and being relevant, as co-star Ricky Williams suggested. 

I think the topic of the conversation was interesting because you don't normally see celebrities go into depth about relevancy and social media on reality TV. Tamar bought up some interesting things about people buying followers on social media but her fear of being misunderstood turned a good conversation into an argument. The beef between Tamar and Kandi is deeper than that conversation. 

I hope they can work it out! 

Episode 4 of Celebrity Big Brother will air tonight at 8:00pm PT/ET on CBS. 

What did you think of Tamar and Kandi's argument?