Skai Jackson Graduates from High School and Twitter Users Can't Believe She's 18!

Skai Jackson (photo cred: Instagram/Skai Jackson/NewzCard)
Skai Jackson from Disney shows Bunk'd and Hey Jessie graduated from high school, and many Twitter users can't believe she's 18 years old! The teen announced her graduation by posting a picture of herself wearing her cap and gown. Her caption read "2020" with a cap emoji and the hashtag #ReachFortheSkai.

One Twitter user said, So nobody was gonna tell me I have been the same age as skai jackson my entire life." Another user said, "I was really out here thinking i was older than skai jackson even when I was watching her on jessie."

Jackson played the character, Zuri Ross, Hey Jessie (2011-2015) and Bunk'd (2015-2020). Even though she was around 16 years old when she stopped playing on Bunk'd, her character was around 12 years old. Jackson's baby face  and height with her talent allowed her to continue to play the much younger role on both shows. She is 5-feet tall.

In October 2019, Skai Jackson released her book Reach for the Skai: How to Inspire, Empower, and Clapback". The book is about her life in the entertainment spotlight and some of the negative experiences that come with it.

Congratulations Skai! 💖 We're proud of you!!!

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