Does My Natural Hair Grow Faster Than My Permed Hair?

Happy Sunday everyone,
Since I've made the choice to go natural, my hair seems to be growing at a faster pace than when it was permed. Every time my friends and family see me after a short period of time, they say, "Your hair has gotten longer!" I also take a multivitamins, so I figured maybe that was increasing my growth.
 But, when I did my research and thought about the subject, I found out that my natural hair was not growing faster than my permed hair.

Regardless of your effort, on average, hair grows about 1/2 inch per month. This may vary slightly, depending on genetics and lifestyle. I also realized that when I was perming my hair, I would get my ends trimmed about every 2-3 months or when it was time for another perm. But, I trim my natural hair approximately every 4 months or as needed. Because my hair is not chemically straightened or colored, I do not have to deal with my hair being in an already weakened state when I style it. I try to keep it moisturized, so I do not have to deal with a lot of breakage. As a result, I retain more length as a natural than as a permed head lol.

I've also realized the difference in my trims as a natural and my trims as permed by a salon. I remember a few times where I went to the salon to get my ends clipped, and came back with my hair touching my neck because the hair stylist trimmed too much. Since I have BC'ed, I trim my ends myself.

As a result of my research and reflection on experiences, I have found that I retain more length as a natural than I did when I permed my hair. It is not my growth rate that is changing much :-)

I am interested in your thoughts on your retention rate as a natural vs. permed head... Do you find that you are retaining more length as a natural or as a permed head?