My Twist Out & Thoughts of a Trim

Happy Tuesday everyone!
Here is another two-strand twist out for Jenn :-) I kept these twists in for about a week and 1/2. My hair kept knotting up at the ends when I was unraveling them. I think it is because I did not use the Organic Root Stimulator Hair Mayonnaise before installing my twists. The ORSHM is the best conditioner that I have found for my hair.

I also think that it is time to trim the ends of my hair. The last time that I did a trim was in November. I trimmed my hair while it was wet.  As a result, I trimmed than I wanted. This time, I am going to use the banding technique to stretch my hair, and then trim my hair. Some people use the search and destroy method in which you snip the damaged ends that you find. Others use the dusting method where you trim your ends while in twists. However, I would rather trim my ends and know that almost every piece of hair is included in my trim :-)... just for my peace of mind.

What method do you use to trim your ends?