My 5 Favorite Natural Hairstyles of 2012

1. Roller set- Roller set instructions- I loved this style because I didn't believe that it was possible to get my curls as straight and smooth as with a perm. But, there you have it! :-)

2. Two Flat Twists and Puff- Instructions- I loved this style because it is simple and cute. It's a formal and casual style.

3. Flat Twist Bang w/ Puff- Instructions I loved this style because I found a way to have a bang without it being in my eyes lol.

4. Two-Strand Twists Rod Set- Instructions I loved this style  because it was versatile and, I was ale to do other styles including an updo.

5.  Mini-Two Strand Twists- Styles - I love mini-twists because they can be a great protective and versatile style. I usually throw mini-twists when I need a break from styling my hair.

 Honorable Mention

1. Puff with Headband- Instructions I love the puff because you can always use this style when you don't have any other choice lol. It's quick and easy.

2. Two Strand Twist, Bantu- Knot Out- Instructions

What were your favorite hair styles to wear in 2012?