Two Strand Twist Knot TWA Style

This style was inspired by one of Lauryn Hill's natural hair styles where she has twists twisted all over her hair. I am not quite sure how she did it, but the above picture is my attempt. I was going to twist my whole head, but I decided to just do the front. I may attempt to twist my whole hair when it get longer. So, here is how I achieved this look...
I created 3 rows of two strand twists at the front of my hair, 2 rows on the sides
I  formed the designs with my two strand twists by gathering them into three sections... 1 on the top, and 1 section on each side of my head. I grabbed the twists and connected them. Then I twirled them around like a bantu knot and secured them with hair pins.

I planned on doing a twist out in the back, but ran out of time. I may do it next time.


  1. Cute twists! I think you have graduated out of the TWA phase.

  2. Thank you! Awww, I guess I have... I have gotten used to saying TWA lol


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