8 Months Natural: Two Strand Twist Bantu Knot Out

Hey Everyone,
Today is my 8 month natural hair anniversary. I did my big chop on March 3, 2011. I do not do length checks often, but I may do one soon. After applying a leave in conditioner, I two-strand twisted my hair into medium sized twists, and then wrapped each twist around to form a bantu knot. I secured the knot with a hair pin. In the morning, I removed the twists... Here are my results:

My hair had more volume with the bantu-knot out (on top of two strand twists), than the twist out alone. I also forgot to mention that I co-washed my hair, and it was damp. After reading a post by Barbara Naturally Speaking, I've realized that my hair doesn't shrink up as much when I co-wash my hair.  I co-washed with V05's "Champagne Kiss" conditioner and then sat under the heating cap (with the conditioner in my hair) for deep conditioning. I used to think that all V05 Conditioners were the same, but they are not. I tried one of the Moisture Milk conditioners by V05, but it did not make my hair as moisturized as the "Champagne Kiss" conditioner.


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