How Often Do You Trim Your Natural Hair?

Good morning everyone!
It's been about 4 months (July 2011) since I last trimmed my hair, and I want to trim it. I am a little reluctant lol, but I know that it is necessary to retain length. I was curious... How often do you trim your natural hair?


  1. I plan to not trim my hair the first year after my big chop. I believe that as long as I keep it healthy (no split ends and breakage) I won't need to trim.

  2. I just got a trim and I like to get one at least every 4 months. I know when I need one when my curls don't act right or I start to get tangled ends. Once I trim... everything is Beautiful again! I love a good trim and I don't mind giving up a bit of my length retention for it. if done when necessary... less of a trim is needed. Keep those ends super hydrated is key!


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