Mini-Twist, Twist-Out

Happy Friday everyone!
Today I took out my mini-twists. Here is a picture of my twist out (for JenJen). I applied Mega Care Vitamin E oil to my twists before unraveling them. The whole process took about 45 minutes. I had to thoroughly check my hair to make sure that I had taken them all out. Otherwise, detangling will be even more of a challenge lol


  1. You are so right about making sure to get all the mini twists out. I've been there: standing in the shower with conditioner all over my head, trying to detangle . . . only to have to STOP to take down a wayward twist!

    Are you putting your mini-twists back in?

  2. Yes, yes! The waywards are the worst lol! Yes, tomorrow, I'm going to put them back in.

  3. Thank you for indulging my request! I love the twist out. It gives your hair so much volume and the curl pattern totally rocks.


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