Lessons From A Retwist

Happy Super Bowl Sunday,
Thank God, I made it through this week!
If you read my last post, then you know that I retwisted my mini-two strand twists on day 27.
This time it only took me 4 hours to complete after washing, deep conditioning, banding, and blow drying (on cool) my hair. Plus, I made the twists a little smaller this time.
Because my hair has been stretched from the twists, there has been less tangles than if I had kept my hair in twist-outs.

I usually pin my hair on the sides. After about three days, my twists puff up from the steam in the shower and result in a style of their own, and I like it :-) I did not lose a lot hair after detangling. It is said that the average person sheds 100 strands of hair per day. But, that amount has always been a little more for me. My grandmother used to say that I was lucky that I didn't go bald lol.... blessed! I was shocked to find that I did not lose a large amount of hair when removing my twists during week 2. Could it be the Vitamin E. Oil?? I think that my stretched hair and deep conditioning aids in my process of detangling.  Stretched Hair = Less Tangles= Less Hair Loss During Detangling Process. Thank God for that! What have you learned from your protective style???

shedded hair after removing two week old twists


  1. The twists look great and now you are only 1 month away from your natural anniversary!

  2. Thanks Jen! Yes, I can't believe it's been almost a year...

  3. I agree with JenJen. Your hair looks fantastic. It really does.

    The shedding after a protective style can be intense but it doesn't always have to be. If we lose 100 hairs a day but don't manipulate our hair for 3 weeks . . . there is going to be a lot of hair "loss." The good news is that it is not breakage. After a protective style, I always deep condition; that helps calm the hair. I don't think shedding is a bad thing, though. Breakage is what we should be guarding against.


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