Banana Comb Updo for Natural Hair

Happy Saturday everyone!
It is only the Lord that has gotten me through this week! I appreciate even the simplest things :-) Thank you Jesus!

So, I was trying different styles with my hair. Of course, it looks the best at night lol. JazzWife mentioned that in her blog, and it is sooo true! You wake up in the morning and try duplicating the style , and it's never quite the same lol. Anyway... The Banana Clip or Comb was one of my favorite hair accessories to wear before I decided to go natural. Recently, one of my friend's and I joked around a few months ago about me being suped to wear them again. Now, I can wear them but only on part of my hair lol.

 I pulled the middle-to-bottom section of hair into the banana clip and then left the side top half out. Then I twisted the hair on the side, about an inch and secured it with a bobby pin. Then I patted the hair into a round shape to avoid it sticking straight out.


  1. Ha! I thought I was the only one to whom this happened!! Fly hair right before bedtime. Anyway, yes on the banana clips. I love them but can't wear them. My hair refuses to welcome them. Snap! Maybe I'll try more than one or a stronger clip on only part of my hair. Last time I tried, "snap!" LOL. Very annoying. Where did you get your clips from?

    1. LOL @ snapping! I know what you mean. Mine was very tight. I bought them from either Rite Aid or Pathmark.

  2. I know what you mean! I have done my hair at night and in the morning I can't get the same results. I haven't worn a banana clip in years. Maybe my hair is long enough to try one out.

  3. I awarded you the Awesome Blogger Award . . . I hope you'll accept and check out the rules on Much love!


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