More Pics of My Hair After My Trim...

Happy Easter everyone,
Today is about the Resurrection of Jesus Christ, and not about the "Easter bunny"... I'm just saying.

Here are more pictures of my hair after trimming...

I trimmed less than a 1/2 inch in most areas. There was one particular area at the top in which I trimmed almost an inch off. In these pictures, I did a kind of length check. But, I am not a fan of performing them often. I have done research on the suggested number of times that you should trim your hair in a year. Some places said once a year, twice a year, and every 4 months. However, the consensus was that you should trim your hair as needed. It depends on how well you treat your hair. You must moisturize and seal your hair (especially the ends) at least once a day.  Moisturizing your hair coupled with deep conditioning and trims are the way to go. It is also best to sleep on a satin pillow case. You also have the option of covering your hair with a satin bonnet at night. This will ensure that you do not encounter breakage from your hair rubbing and pulling on your sheets. It is suggested that you should be gentle with your hair especially during the detangling process.

As for me, I like to trim my hair every 4 months. That is the approximate time that it takes for my hair begin to tangle easily because of damaged or weathered ends. When I remove the unhealthy ends, the remaining ends curl. Plus, my strands are able to hold onto moisture longer.


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