DIY Two-Strand Twist Bantu Knot Out

If you've read my last my post, then you know that I've been in a Bantu knot mood lol. However, I was not pleased with the tightness of my curls. I also wanted more curl definition, so I decided to do Two-Strand twist, Bantu knots. Here are the materials and steps.

Items Needed
1. big-tooth comb
2. bobby pins ( I love the brown ones because they are smooth and do not pull my hair)
3.moisturizer( I used the Mango Oil & Cupuacu Butter (Butter Whip Coil Cream) by Softsheen Carson)
4. Coconut Oil

Two-Strand Twist Bantu Knot Out

1. Part your hair in small sections.
2. Apply products (moisturizer,then oil).
3. Two-strand twist the section of hair.
4. Hold the base of the twist as your twirl the twist around the base in a circle.
5. Secure with a bobby pin.

Unraveling the Knots

1. Apply Coconut Oil to your fingers and rub it over your Two-Strand Bantu knots.
2. Carefully unravel your twists.
3. You may pull them apart, according to the way that you would like your hair to be.

I was super pleased with the way my hair turned out! My hair was very soft. My curls had definition and were loose.


  1. I like it and I'm considering doing a Bantu Knot out.

  2. I, too, have contemplated the bantu knot out . . . or moñitos that I would take out. (I guess that would make it a moñito afuera. LOL!!) My only issue is I would first need to blow dry my hair to get the look I'm going for and for me, it is simply not worth it. Maybe one day, I'll change my mind but for now, I don't want to stretch my hair (with heat, no less) to that degree.

    1. LOL! Yes, I know what you mean... That's how I feel about regular bantu knots. The style would look nice for two seconds and then I would have to worry about the possibility heat damage.


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