Jojoba/Tea Tree Oil Pre-poo and Two Strand Twists

Last week, I applied Tea Tree Oil (for my dandruff) and Jojoba Oil to my hair as a pre-poo. I wore a plastic cap for about 20 minutes before shampooing my hair. This wash day was the first time that I tried removing shed hair with my fingers, while my hair was dry.
 I used a dandruff shampoo and regular shampoo to cleanse my hair and scalp lol. For some reason, my scalp does not get clean easily, especially after adding a conditioner. I also have to be sure that I rub my edges with the shampoo. If not, I will end up with build-up after shampooing my hair.

After applying Carol's Daughter Hair Milk and Cantu Creamy Hair Lotion, I banded my hair on the first day. The next day, I installed two-strand twists. 


  1. Your hair is getting long! Isn't that exciting!!

    Your hair looks good.

  2. Thanks JW! Yes, it's past my shoulders when I pull them :-)


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