First Time Flat Iron Learning Experience

Happy Monday everyone!
I hope all is well.
This weekend I finally decided to flat iron my hair. I do not plan on flat ironing my hair again. Here's how it went down lol :

I used these Conair clips (from the dollar store) to keep  my hair in 4 sections, after washing, deep conditioning, and detangling my hair.

  Then, I parted small sections (within the 4 sections) and used a small tooth comb and did a cool blow out using the Tension Method. I applied  the Organic Root Stimulator Olive Oil Heat Protection Serum to each small section before blow drying. The Tension Method is when you blow dry your hair while keeping it very taut to limit the amount of heat on your hair. Afterwards, I twisted the section.

I used the HerStyler Classic Forever ceramic flat iron. I paid $100.00 for it at a mall kiosk, right before going natural smh. The setting on the flat iron only include a range from 180 degrees F-460 degrees F. So, it's difficult to really to be able to know the exact temperature in which the flat iron is set. I played it on the safe side and kept it close to 180 degrees. I would say it may have been in the low 300's maybe. I started at the back section first. I applied the ORS Heat Protection Serum to each small section and flat ironed my hair. The back section was the easiest. But, my ends were still curly. So, I started trimming the sections that were really jagged.  I started off using the chase method, but did not continue with it.

My ends were very frizzy when I finished, and I didn't want to keep applying heat. I figured I would find a couple of styles to up-play the poofiness lol. I read a post on that said the frizzy ends could be due to them not being straight enough in the blow out process. When I straighten my hair (in the future) I will do the Banding Method instead of blow drying it. The frizzy ends could also be due to them being damaged.

I don't like my hair flat ironed this way though. This experience reminded me of how much I dislike the smell if the iron in my hair. I used the hot comb the first time I went natural. My ends appear to be damaged too. There were small pieces of hair on my clothes this morning. Idk. I was upset in the beginning, but after thinking about it... it's just hair... Thank God, it will grow back! lol . I will probably do a co-wash and a protein deep conditioning soon.  Stay tuned!

On the upside, my hair has grown a lot.

This morning, I installed medium sized braids and pin curled them for a braid out. I applied Carol's Daughter's Marguerite's Magic Restorative Hair Dress to each section before I braided it. I will do a post on my results later on.
I would like to read about your experiences as a natural with the flat iron... Were your ends frizzy the first time?