Hair Update: Changing My Regimen

Hey everyone!
I have been adjusting to the shorter length of my hair. I also like the fact that I can do things a little differently and apply new things that I've learned.

 Shampoo Less
 I have decided to stop using shampoo as often as I normally would. Because shampoos strip your hair of moisture, I have decided to use my Castille soap mixture or co-wash as an alternative. This is good for me especially because my hair gets super dry in the winter. I have to moisturize and seal my hair twice a day.

2nd day two-strand, pin curl twist-out

I am a big fan of trying different styles, but I like to give myself and hair a break sometimes. Lately, I've been alternating between two-strand twist pin curls and twist-outs. This way I can give myself a break every other day or so, but still have fun styling my hair. 

Before I cut my hair, I loved to do styles on freshly washed hair. Now, I don't mind doing different styles at any time.