Hair Update : Keeping It Healthy and Stretched

I haven't given you all a hair update in a while. I'm glad to report that I am retaining my length. My curls have come back since I cut the heat damaged strands. I've continued my nightly routine of moisturizing, sealing, and twisting my hair. My current challenge for myself is to continue, as long as possible without needing to trim my ends.

I have learned that I currently cannot wear my hair in regular Bantu knots. I have to do two-strand twist, pin curls instead, because my hair is fine and tangles easily. I also have to be careful when installing flat twists because my hair will tangle if I do not keep consistent sections when picking up the hair. My hair thrives better when it's stretched. It is also best if I do not sleep without twisting or banding my hair.

As a result, I have been experimenting with different stretching styles. The style above was created using two banana clips: one at the top and one at the bottom. I split the hair in the middle of the clip, and then tucked it underneath to cover the clip. I secured the hair with bobby pins. I didn't really like the style, but it was fun to try something new.

Because my hair is healthy, it shrinks up a lot.

How is your hair coming along?


  1. Your hair is looking great! I can't wear a banana clip because they just snap out. Sometimes my curls just refuse to cooperate with my planned styles.

  2. Thanks Jen! Sometimes mine snap too. I know what you mean.


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