Montclair GLAM Street Festival Vendors: Soaps, Lotions, Accessories, and More!

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Yesterday, I attended the Montclair Film Festival in Montclair, NJ. There were a few street fairs in celebration of the film festival. Several vendors lined Glenridge Avenue (GLAM!- Glenridge Ave Merchants), selling their goodies.  I was excited to see many of them selling handmade and/or natural products. Because my camera died, I had to use my camera phone. Thank God for it! Here are some of the vendors...


Founder of KYSS, Renee Marshall-Mckinley

KYSS- Keeping Yourself Smelling Sweet
Meet Renee! She is the founder of KYSS, short for "Keeping Yourself Smelling Sweet". KYSS is a family owned business that sells body oils, scrubs, lotions etc. with natural ingredients. I purchased the "Honey Almond" lotion, and I love it! Visit KYSS on the following sites:

KYSS website
KYSS Facebook page

  Under Angels' Wings

Under Angel's Wings is a handmade soap and earring business owned by Valerie D'Oyen and Joan Wilkinson. Joan explained to me that they started the business after trying to make soap for themselves. I purchased a heart-shaped bar of Peppermint smelling soap and I really like it. :-) Please visit Under Angels' Wings sites:
Under Angels' Wings website

Jewel of A Pillow

Jewel Of A Pillow provides unique decorative pillows. The business was founded by CEO Stacey Hyatt-Dixon in the photo above. Her pillows are fab! The photos above don't do her products any justice. All of the pillows above with the exception of the white one, was covered with sequins. Please visit Jewel Of A Pillow website/Twitter@JewelofaPillow

These pillows can also be found in the Exotic Fashion Lounge boutique / Instagram

Tarajamu Designs

"Make It Funky Now" by Tarajamru Designs (photo courtesy of Tarajamu Designs Etsy shop)

Hand forged copper cuff by Tarajamu Designs (photo courtesy of Tarajamu Designs Etsy shop)

Tarajamu Designs is owned by Mary Montgomery. Mary creates Fine Silver & Gemstone Jewelry. I love the fact that Ms. Montgomery included an insert with her contact information, location, and jewelry cleaning instructions. Please visit her site:
Tarajamu Designs Etsy shop

Vivienne O'Neill Designs

Vivienne O'Neill Designs provides decorative home furnishings, children, gifts, and accessories! I love the fact that Vivienne's designs are handmade! I purchased a ribbon watch from her and I love it! Please visit her site:
Vivienne O'Neill Designs website
Vivienne O'Neill Designs Facebook page

There you have it! The shops above have great gifts for Mother's Day! Check them out! Big thanks to the Montclair Film Festival GLAM! The dates of the festival are April 29th-May 5th. Today is the last day. Check it out!


  1. I love going to events like this. So much fun to support small businesses and to make new connections.


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