Moving On From Traction Alopecia

The Free Dictionary defines Traction Alopecia as "loss of hair due to from prolonged pulling on the hair, usually associated with certain hairstyles or a habit of twisting the hair". My sister "C" and I have both experienced Traction Alopecia from tight braids, but my sister's condition hasn't improved. We both went natural about 2 years ago. C wore tight micro braids. Two braids snatched out her edges on both sides of her hair. Afterwards, she wore wigs during and after her transition period. She has tried massaging the bald areas, but hasn't had any success in growing her hair back in those areas.

In February, my sister surprised me with pictures of her  flat ironed natural hair. I was very happy to see that she had removed the wig in spite of her Traction Alopecia. Last week, she called me and told me she needed me to find a good natural hair style. We decided to do a bun with a bang in the front, to hide her receding hairline. C has been enjoying the idea of not having to worry about what others think, because she loves her hair. Instead of focusing on the bald areas, C has decided to focus on the healthy hair she possesses.Stay tuned for more posts on C's natural hair!



Have you experienced Traction Alopecia?