Puff with Flat Twisted Swoop Bang

I don't know what happened to my flat twists with puff style. It's almost like my hair said, "The heck with this." LOL. It just started to not look right despite me trying to fix it. I rocked the style for about a week and a half. I redid the twist every two days. The puff was redone every day. Hmmm. Moving on! 

Last night, I moisturized and sealed my hair. Afterwards, I flat twisted my bang area. Then, I two-strand  twisted the back section. I pinned the bang to the side using bobby pins. This morning, I did a puff and then added a hot pink comb for decoration. I replaced the bobby pins with the less noticeable hair pins.

Have you ever had a style that just wouldn't look right regardless of what you did to it?