Natural Girl Gone Thrifting: Part 1

Dockers pants and Converse blouse
The first time I went thrifting was the year after I graduated from college in 2007. I was working 2 part-time jobs and needed to save money. During that time, several thrift stores began opening up in the area, and one of them opened near my job. I walked into the store to find household items in the front with several racks of clothing in the back of the store. I quickly spotted the handbags that lined the walls. I found a black crocheted Old Navy bag for about $6.00, but I didn't buy any clothes. I was repelled by the seemingly endless racks of clothing that I would have to search through. "I'm good," I said to myself.  Now, I've decided to challenge myself by heading back to the thrift store. I know the challenge won't hurt my pockets either!

This week I visited Unique Thrift Store, and I was ready to conquer the endless racks of clothing.
Here are some tips for thrifting:

1. Take your time. Visit the thrift store when you know you have 2 or more hours to shop, because it can take some time to find clothing you like. You really have to look carefully.

2. When you find items you like, be sure to examine them for any tears, pulled threads, or smudges. Because the items are "used", the chances these elements may exist increases.

3. Try on your items. Most thrift stores have fitting rooms so you can be sure your clothes fit properly.

New York & Company pants with Notations tank top

 I was so engrossed in my search to find nice tops, that I forgot about the size. The size of the Notations tank top below is a 3X. But, I could dress it up with a belt and half sweater. My results will be in the next post.
Notations floral tank top

During my visit, I found the following items:
1 pair of Dockers pants (grey):  $6.99
1 pair of New York & Company pants (dark grey): $6.99
1 Converse blouse (red): $5.99
2 Notations tank tops (floral and black &white): $3.99 each

Check out the discount on my receipt! I ended up saving an additional $7.00.

I was really excited to have gotten 5 items and only spend $20.95. You can be stylish while on a budget! After purchasing my items, I threw them into the washing machine according to the directions on the label.

4. Be sure to read the labels to know if you have to dry clean or machine wash your clothing.

 Notations tank top, dressed with a black, open half sweater. I wore black pants.

burgundy Converse blouse with black tank top underneath

I wore my hair in two big flat twists in the front and a puff in the back. I thought an updo was best to wear with both blouses. 

Stay tuned for part 2 & 3 of the "Natural Girl Gone Thrift Shopping" series!

Do you go thrifting?