Banded Hair as a Style Tutorial

The back of my banded hairstyle.
Happy Wednesday everyone!
I've done several posts about banding my hair to stretch it without heat. If you've read some of my previous posts, you may have read that I often band my hair at bedtime and remove the bands in the morning. The other night, I wondered about keeping the bands in my hair. So, I created a style where I could band the back section of my hair and keep it for a style. 

Talk about shrinkage!
1. I parted a small side part in the bang section of my hair, creating two rectangular sections from the bang down to each ear. 

2. I flat twisted the front section, and then pinned (with hair pins) the twists into little rolls. 

 3.After banding the back section, I put the two sections together (crossing each other), and then I secured the sections with hair pins. 

4. Add a pretty little hair clip :-)

5. Add pretty earrings :-)

Are you going to try a banded hairstyle?