Oiling My Scalp

Happy Tuesday everyone!
If you've read my past posts, then you know I have issues with dry scalp. For the past several months, I have been using Tea Tree Oil in my Castile soap mixture, and it's helped a lot. Recently, my scalp started getting dry again. I started using Olive Oil in a squeeze bottle to oil my scalp, and  I love it!

After I wash my hair, I part my hair into big sections. I apply a moisturizer and Coconut oil (to seal my ends). Then I part the big sections into smaller sections and allow a little of the Olive oil to flow onto my scalp. You have to be careful because you can end up with greasy hair. As far as my hair goes, it is usually still a little damp when I apply the oil to my scalp. By the time my hair dries, a lot of the oil has absorbed into my hair and scalp.

I purchased this squeeze bottle as part a travel pack of bottles at a dollar store.

What's is your favorite kind of oil(s) to use on your hair and scalp?