Tutorial: Puff Transformed Into Formal Updo

Last time, I showed you all my puff with the turquoise flower. I decided to try transforming the style into a more formal updo. 

1.Put your hair in a puff. 

2. Grab medium-sized sections of hair inside the puff. Optional: Moisturize and seal(with an oil) each section.

3. Two-strand twist each section.

5. Roll the twist up towards the middle of the puff. Use hair pins to keep the twist in place.

6. When you are finished, you should have a small, open space in the middle of the rolled twists. 
You can add a flower clip or any hair accessory you'd like :-) This style is great to wear for the office, weddings, or any other formal occasion/place. For weddings, you can add pearled hair pins to the twists themselves.

What updo styles do you like to wear?