Discount Store: Natural Hair and Beauty Finds!

This weekend, I visited Shoppers World. They had a lot of inexpensive hair and beauty accessories. Most of the items I purchased were under $2.00. I found the following items:

1. 3-pack of exfoliating facial sponges for 99 cents- Normally, 1 sponge would cost you anywhere from $2.00-$5.00. Exfoliating sponges are great for removing dirt and oil from your skin. You can also use facial loofah sponges, which can be found at select drug, grocery, and beauty supply stores.

2. 1- pack of 30 stretchy bands for 99 cents-You can find stretchy bands at most dollar stores. I love using stretch bands when I do the Banding Method.

3. 4-pcs. nail kit for 1.99- I've seen nail kits that start at $4.00 and up.

4. 1-pack of 60 colorful bobby pins for 0.99- I've seen bobby pins that cost $1.00, but often times the color comes off easily. I will have to see how well these pins hold up.

What are your favorite hair accessories to buy at a discount or dollar store?