Natural Girl Gone Thrifting: Part 3

Hey everyone!
I hope you've enjoyed Part 1 and 2 of my series "Natural Girl Gone Thrifting".This article will be the last one in my series, for now. Because I really like thrift shopping, I may do more articles about the topic in the future.

This month, I revisited Unique Thrift Store. I bought the following items:

1. Sleeveless Denim, button-up shirt:

My hair was styled in the front flat twist style with a big puff in the back.

I put a black tank top under the sleeveless denim, button-up shirt. I placed a black, half sweater on top of the thrifted denim top.

2. Sleeveless (pink, tan, green) plaid tank top:

I wore the plaid tank with a tan half sweater and khaki pants.

3. Tribal print, button-up shirt:

 I paired the tribal print shirt with blue jeans and black penny loafers. 

 4.Button-up sweater (Black, white, pink):

  (1)  Plaid tank top: $2.99
      (1) Sleeveless denim shirt: $4.99
(1) Tribal print, button-up shirt: $5.99
(1) black, white, pink floral print sweater: $12.99

The thrift shopping challenge was a lot fun. I was able to see just how much you can be stylish on a budget. I have noticed a lot of teenagers have hopped on the thrift shopping bandwagon. My niece said the trend was started by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis song, "Thrift Shop". I hope that many of you were able to learn from my experience and start your own thrift shopping challenge!

Are YOU going thrift shopping?

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