"Back to Healthy Eating" Challenge Part 4

an orange, cranberry, and blueberry salad I made.

Hi everyone!
During my last "Back to Healthy Eating" challenge update, I made you all aware that I began drinking a lot of Green Tea and eating dried cranberries. Also, I've still been checking my meals to be sure I am not consuming a large amount of unhealthy food. I am happy to report I have lost some weight! I have not checked the scale, but my clothes are fitting me looser than they were a month ago. If you read Part 1 of my "Back to Healthy Eating" challenge series, then you know my main goal was to develop a healthy eating lifestyle. I wanted to have more energy and feel healthy overall, but I am happy about the weight loss. I haven't been checking the scale because I'd rather judge by the way I feel. (smile) Thank God for healthy eating!

How are you doing with your "Back to Healthy Eating" challenge?